?Shenzhen jiasun engineering equipment co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions such as integrated design, technical consultation, energy-saving transformation, operation and maintenance, inspection and testing for users in a wide range of fields such as compressed air system

Address:Building B, wanxin commercial street, shajing street center road, bao 'an district, shenzhen
Tel:0755-27214700 ? (Mr Liang)

Address:No. 100, liaocheng west road, liaobu town, dongguan city (opposite to liaobu hospital)
Tel:0755-27214700(Mr. Ding)

Address:No. 7 yide trade and logistics park, development zone, zhanggong district, ganzhou city, jiangxi province
? ? ? ? ? ?19, building 6, plaza
Tel:0755-27214700(Mr Xi)

  • Sell gas and EMC

    Haizhuolian energy saving technology provides air energy saving solutions for large enterprises, such as key energy use units and high energy consumption industries,...

  • Mechanical and electrical

    Our company is a special agent of kaishan group. Sales: two - stage compression screw air compressor Permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor Centrifugal air compressor 40~800m3/min ...

  • Engineering installation

    The company has a number of experienced engineering experts, and skilled various types of technical personnel...

  • Waste heat recovery

    The new high-efficient waste heat utilization equipment is mainly used to meet the needs of industrial hot water, environmental hot water and staff hot water for living, etc.,...

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